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Corpus Christi

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Dear Parishioners,

There's that wonderful story about the little boy who couldn't wait for his new baby sister to come home from the hospital. Couldn't wait to be near her, to talk to her. But his parents didn't want him to be left alone with her; he was only four, they wanted to supervise his visits. He kept begging to be alone with her so one night his parents finally relented. The boy tiptoed into her room, sat next to his sister's crib and said: "Tell me about God - I'm starting to forget."
We need to gather together around this table every once in a while to tell each other about God; to remember just how much God loves us. To tell the story of how God reached out to us, came to us in Jesus
Christ to show us a new way of living. We need to break the bread and pour the cup to remember that Jesus died so that we might know forgiveness of all our sins and be reconciled with God. And we need to
take this bread and drink this cup to remember that Christ is present with us now.