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Dear Parishioners,

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Like most people today, Joseph and Mary spent most of their lives just going about the ordinary tasks of keeping themselves and their families clean, fed, and alive with a roof over their heads. They didn't

travel hundreds of miles planting churches. As far as we know, they never left Israel. They didn't preach fiery sermons in which thousands of people were saved. As far as we know, they never preached at all. They didn't write any great letters or gospels to encourage other Christians, except that Mary did write one really great song. They didn't lead the nation; they didn't guide the military in victory over the nation's enemies. As far as we know, they held no political office at all. They were just plain folk.
There are just two things that lift these ordinary people out of the ordinary. And both of these things that lifted them out of the ordinary are available to you and me too. Joseph and Mary were called by God, and they were faithful to God.