Altar Servers

Instructed by Jesus, our High Priest and Lord of the Harvest, to pray He send out labourers into His harvest (cf. Luke 10:2), the parishioners of Saint Gabriel The Archangel Parish will back the Altar Servers program with their prayers, support, sacrifice, and love. Ongoing formation, growth and development in the areas of liturgical service, love of the Holy Mass and Eucharist, prayer and spirituality, catechesis as taught by the Catholic Church, charity in action (volunteering), all in an environment of collegial fun, joy, and recreation, will provide the setting needed to hear, reflect, and discern God's plan and will for those engaged in this ministry.
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Saint John Berchmans   Feast Day: November 26


Saint ]ohn Berchmans was born on March 13,1599 in Driest, Beigium.


He was the son of a shoemaker and one of five children. He had a great devotion to his position as an altar server. He also did great charity in caring for his mother who was very ill. He entered the novitiate for the Jesuits in 1616 after reading the life of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga. He died before ordination on August 12, 1627. Saint ]ohn Berchmans is known for his exemplary service at the altar, his kindness, courtesy and faithfulness. He is the patron saint of altar servers around the world.


Saint John Berchmans
Pray for us. Amen.


Prayer Before Mass:

Go before us O Lord, in this our sacrifice of Prayer and Praise, and grant that what we say and sing with our lips we may believe in our hearts, and practise and show forth in our daily lives. Through Christ our Lord.



Prayer After Mass:

Bless, 0 Lord, our hearts and minds, and grant that as we leave Your house, we may continue to be aware of Your presence. Through Christ our Lord.


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Primary Principles:

  • Altar Server Spirituality (Daily prayer life, sacramental life, monthly meetings)
  • Ongoing Formation (Monthly meetings, Catechesis, teachings, retreats, trips, recreation)
  • Unity (Mutual encouragement & support, collegiality, recreation and fun)
  • Vocational Discernment (Promote the Priestly & Religious Life)
  • Charity in Action (Servant Leadership, Volunteering in the Parish and outer community)

3 Year Strategy

  • Year 1: Introduce the new vision of the program, restructure current model, actively promote and seek new recruits, grow parish support, and develop, implement, & monitor progress.
  • Year 2: Further develop and refine program, create archives, and actively promote program seeking new recruits.
  • Year 3: Evaluate

Annual Celebration of the Patronal Feast Day for Altar Servers: Christ the King - Last Sunday in Ordinary Time

•             New candidates are sworn in and accepted to the order of Altar Servers
•             Recognition of those Altar Servers who move from lower levels to higher levels
•             Recognition of those Altar Servers who have excelled in their service

Roles & Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the altar servers will be expanded. These roles involve duties related to be done prior to Mass and other liturgies, during and after mass and the celebration of other liturgies. Specifics of these roles and responsibilities will be determined at a later date. The purpose is to increase level of accountability, engagement, responsibility and provide an environment that challenges and encourages growth. Always keeping in mind the Mission Statement, which is to focus on fostering vocations to the priesthood, religious life and permanent diaconate.

  • Before Mass: (specifics to be determined at a later time)
  • During Mass: (specifics to be determined at a later time)
  • After Mass: (specifics to be determined at a later time)

Awards System

Basic Concept:

Each altar server is a disciple sent out by Jesus, starting from Jerusalem, to different nations throughout the world. Each altar sever has a designated country he/she is to reach. Each designated country would require the same amount of steps for it to be reached (200). To be part of altar servers ministry, you have to collect minimum 100 points a year. When all reach their destinations, thee altar servers will be invited to partake in a group trip, event. Top 3 finishers in points will receive an award at annual patronal celebration.

Top 3 Altar Servers receive awards based upon 3 criteria:

  • Leadership
  • Attitude
  • Attendance

Award System:

  • Sunday Mass Attendance:                                      5 Points (steps)
  • Special Mass Attendance:                                      3 Points (steps)
  • Monthly Meetings Attendance:                             2 Points (steps
  • No Call/No Show (Without Valid Reason):         -2 Points (steps)
  • Misbehaviour/Lack of Discipline: -                      -2 Points (steps)


Andrew C. - Niger33%
Julia A. - Country1%
Madeleine B. - Eritrea0%
Carlos C. - Mali0%
Max C. - Country0%
Spencer C. - Country0%
Darcy C. - Country1%
Dixon C. - Malawi1%
Troy D. - Togo7.5%
Fraser D. - Albania0%
Grace D. - Algeria0%
Samara D. - Namibia0%
Jack G. - Congo61%
Isabelle G. - Country8%
Ethan L. - Country25.5%
Veronica L. - Uganda0%
Riley M. - Country0%
Evan M. - Mauritius0%
Laila R. - Comoros0%
Jesse R. - Country0%
Chyler S. - Guinea5%
Nate S. - Country12%
Lam T. - Madagascar16%
Ryszard JT. - Gabon0%
Preston W. - Liberia0%
Cillian A. - Tanzania60%
Peter G. - Kenya3%