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Do we go to Mass twice on Dec 24 & Dec 31 this year?

Questions have been buzzing about attending Advent/Christmas Masses, as the Christmas Day falls on Monday this year.

Question: Do I go to Mass twice on Christmas Eve this year?
Answer: The Fourth Sunday of Advent falls on December 24. Christmas Eve/Midnight/Day Mass does not fulfill the Sunday obligation. Christmas is a distinct holy day of obligation from the Sunday obligation. So, the answer is YES - we go to both the Fourth Sunday of Advent Mass and Christmas Eve/Day Mass. The same will apply for Dec 31/Jan 1 (Solemnity of Mary), a Holy Day of Obligation which occurs on Monday this year.  For those who want to avoid going to Mass twice on the same Sunday, here are some options for you, go to:
1. Sunday Morning Mass (Dec 24, 4th Advent) + Monday Christmas Day Mass (Dec 25)
2. Saturday Evening Mass (Dec 23, 4th Advent) + Sunday Christmas Eve Mass (Dec 24)
3. Saturday Evening Mass (Dec 23, 4th Advent) + Monday Christmas Day Mass (Dec 25)

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