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The Lion King

Baptism tells us who we are. No where do we see this truth better illustrated than in Disney's The Lion King. For those of you who may have seen the movie, you may remember that Simba the lion cub is

eparated from all that reminds him of his identity. He is away from home, away from his family, and away from his responsibilities in the world. In fact, he forsakes his true identity as a lion, much less the king of the lions. In his absence, the kingdom is over run by forces of evil, and it becomes a very dark and wounded place.

The baboon "priest" Rafiki finds Simba in the jungle and calls him back to his identity. In John the Baptist fashion Rafiki leads Simba to a great lake. As Simba stares into the pool of water, it is not only his face that is reflected. It is also the face of his father. The father and son are inextricably linked. As he recognizes his father within himself, the heavens open and the father speaks to him from heaven. In that moment, Simba is transformed. He understands his true identity as the Lion King and sees the responsibility his identity carries. He is empowered for the mission that lies before him and is able to combat the evil forces of the world that have taken over. In the end, Simba is victorious and brings light and healing back to his kingdom.

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