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"Everyone is looking for You"

"Everyone is searching for you," the disciples tell Jesus. Jesus has been busily healing, teaching, and casting out their demons with an authority that had even the scoffers talking. Maybe you have been caught up

in a time when your full attention was required by all those around you; maybe you know a little of how Jesus felt as he withdrew to pray. People will seek you out for what you can offer. "Everyone is searching for you," or maybe just "I need you." Every "caregiver" understands the need to be a "care-keeper" too. If you have ever taken care of a sick person for a long time, or a loved one in old age, you know the thoughts…"Oh! how my life would be easier without this responsibility." Jesus is our example in being a blessing for people as He withdraws to draw on the strength of God bringing that strength to share. Jesus was sought after because he was the fullest expression of God seeking a relationship with a broken humanity. Do you remember the words of God called to the man and woman (Genesis 3:9) "Where are you?"
"Everyone is looking for you," the disciples tell Jesus, and Jesus says, "That's good because I'm looking for them. That's why I've come. Let's go to all the people in these parts with the good news that God is with them and loves them."

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